Finally, you can send evidence of animal abuse directly to Law Enforcement.

The Animal Services Portal is a groundbreaking tool to report animal abuse.  The public can record and submit incidents of animal abuse or requests for service.  By using the free ICE BlackBox mobile application, anyone can report animal abuse with a touch of a button.  Each report is tagged with the exact GPS location information.   Incidents are displayed on the Animal Services Portal within 5-10 seconds and can be sent directly to Law Enforcement and Field Animal Services Personnel. This information can reduce the response times to exact locations.

Animal Services Portal Demo


The portal corresponds with cellular phone recordings to quickly rescue animals.  The system is hosted on redundant infrastructure for high availability.

  • Free Application for the Public
  • One Touch Recording
  • 5-10 Second Response
  • Send to Field Personnel
  • Incident Logging/Reports
  • 1-5 Meter GPS Accuracy
  • Great Animal Abuse Deterrent
  • Ability to Determine if a Crime Has Been Committed or Not

Cesar Millan Public Service Announcement


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