About Us

Our team has a combined 60+ years delivering mission critical systems for Fortune 500 and Public-Sector clients.

  • The Big Idea

    It’s this simple: When bad guys know they are being watched they go somewhere else. ICE BlackBox turns your smartphone into a personal surveillance camera wherever you are.

  • ICE Contacts

    With one touch, ICE BlackBox sends your video, audio and GPS location to our secure cloud. Your emergency contacts are notified of your situation by text or email.

  • Lightning Fast

    The app uploads your video in short segments to ensure that your contacts can observe your situation quickly. In most cases, your video will appear on our site in less than 30 seconds.

  • Safety In Numbers

    The world is a safer place when neighbors watch out for each other. You can choose to share your videos with your community, safety officials, contacts, or keep your videos totally private.