Why You Need The Ice Black Box App & More Apartment Security Tips

Was your apartment ever robbed since you've been living there? Is it your own place or a rental? Did you take any special security measures when it happened? Do you think you could have done more to prevent it? Have you heard of the Ice Black Box app? We are going to provide you with some useful information on how to keep apartment burglars at bay, while letting you know why getting the app is an absolute must in this day and age.

Turn Your Apartment's Security Into A Priority

Whether you are a landlord and you have tenants living in your building/apartment, or you are the owner of an apartment, you must turn the security of the property into a top priority. As a tenant, you also need to take all the righteous measures that will provide you with a safer living environment for as long as you will be staying there:

  • Buy a good surveillance system or home alarm. You can opt for advanced wireless systems with no visible wires intruders can rapidly cut off and prevent the system from alerting you.

You do not have to be a homeowner to install such a system, and installation is usually a piece of cake. Ask your landlord if they will allow you to install a home security system featuring motion detectors inside the apartment. They are non-invasive so they should not cause any disturbances around the property. Thy are also accessible pricewise, and you can ask a local residential locksmith that specializes in apartment security to advise you concerning the best brands and features to look for – or even have them installed or fixed when necessary.

  • You can also ask a locksmith who is trained and experienced to install a peephole on your door for more control of the people you will be letting in.

  • If the front door does not have a sturdy knob lock and deadbolt, you should also fix things immediately with the help of a home locksmith that handles these simple tasks on a regular basis. Reinforce the doorjamb and hinges – you have loads of alternatives in this regard and if you do not have the time or will to research the topic, you should let a pro handle everything for you, within your budget limitations.

Why Do You Need The BlackBox Digital Witness App?

Because you can use it to instantly report any suspicious activity in or around your apartment, parking lot, or perimeters around your building directly to law enforcement officers. Keep in mind this app is not a substitute for 911, and you should still call 911 if dealing with a real emergency.

The app however allows you to send suspicious activity directly to local law enforcement agencies, as well as state primary fusion centers and it is therefore advantageous and effective due to a number of reasons. The app was developed in collaboration with the National Fusion Center Association via an introduction by The Department of Homeland Security.