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One-Touch Emergency Recording

Real Time GPS Tracking

Emergency Notifications

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Add Family Members to your ICE Contacts

Real Time Alerts via Text and Email

Track Location via GPS

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BlackBox Digital Witness Portal

Real Time Surveillance Grid

Permanent Video Evidence

Push Video to Field Officers

Free to Law Enforcement


Welcome HOA Board Members!!!!

In partnership with…

National Sheriffs' Association

You can now use the BlackBox Digital Witness App to report suspicious activity directly to local law enforcement.

NOTE: This is not a substitute for 911. If you see something urgent, CALL 911 first.

This new version will send suspicious activity directly to participating local law enforcement agencies and state primary fusion centers.

ATTENTION LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES (National and International):  If you would like to receive alerts using the free portal, please send an agency email to  Our team will validate your agency contact and coordinate the subscription.  The basic portal is free.  You can also call (703) 436-5885.

This feature was developed in coordination with the National Fusion Center Association via an introduction by The Department of Homeland Security.

A portion of all our sales goes to the National Sheriffs’ Association and the National Neighborhood Watch.

ATTENTION CRIMINALS: Users cannot delete, edit or change recordings. All evidence is PERMANENT.

How this powerful App works

Neighborhood Watch NOW

(Part of the new Safe City Platform)

In partnership with…

  • Set up your portal

    Setup your Neighborhood Watch Now Portal. You can view monitor videos within your neighborhood as a Captain. (Currently, redesigning a new version.  New Portals are on hold until we re-launch. Estimated launch date: 7/1/17)

  • Let Criminals Know

    Let criminals know your neighborhood is armed with Neighborhood Watch NOW. Post signage in your community to let everyone know. Make sure to seek City Council and Local Law Enforcement approval.

  • Inform your local Law Enforcement

    Inform your local Law Enforcement Community Representative. Send them the link to this site and invite them to your next Neighborhood Watch meeting.  Encourage them to sign up for the Law Portal so your videos can be seen by Law Enforcement within 5-10 seconds.  Let them know this will increase officer safety.

  • Practice

    Practice some test drills. Try all kinds of emergencies such as medical emergency, suspicious person, natural disaster, active shooter, etc.

Law Portal

In partnership with…

National Sheriffs' Association
  • Train

    Train.  We recommends training with Neighborhood Watch groups and CERT teams for all types of scenarios.

  • Press

    Hold a press conference and let your city/county/state know you are ready to receive videos from the public.  Also, one best practice is to show some of our commercials or news broadcasts in your local/county jails.  Let criminals know everyone is not connected to Law Enforcement. Let them fear everyone with a smartphone. Templates for press release, radio/news ads, and awareness campaigns are provided in the Law Enforcement Section.

Anti-Terrorism Portal

In coordination with…

National Sheriffs' Association
  • Email

    E-mail us at, and someone from our anti-terrorism team will contact you directly.

    E-mail must be from a Fusion Center or Anti-Terrorism Agency email address.  All e-mails will be verified before any information is shared.

    Outside countries, please send e-mails in English or Spanish, and provide a contact number to your main agency.  If translation services are needed, please email us and we will set up an online meeting with a translator.

    Due to the sensitivity of this service, all information must be verified completely before service is provided.

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What others say about us

This goes beyond ‘neat’ and squarely into the ‘need’ category as a tool for Law Enforcement.

Chief Paul BlackwellTullahoma Police Department, TN

We are excited to move technology like this into our communities to create a safer environment for our families and children.

John ThompsonDeputy Executive DirectorNational Sheriffs’ Association

This app will be a game changer, both holding students accountable and giving educators an extra set of eyes and ears.

Sierra DowdFounder and Co-PresidentBe More Heroic

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About Us

Our team has a combined 60+ years delivering mission critical systems for Fortune 500 and Public-Sector clients.

  • The Big Idea

    It’s this simple: When bad guys know they are being watched, they go somewhere else. BlackBox turns your smartphone into a personal surveillance camera wherever you are.

  • ICE Contacts

    With one touch, BlackBox sends your video, audio and GPS location to our secure cloud. Your emergency contacts are notified of your situation by text or email.

  • Lightning Fast

    The BlackBox app uploads your video in short segments to ensure that your contacts can observe your situation quickly. In most cases, your video will appear on our site in less than 30 seconds.

  • Safety in Numbers

    The world is a safer place when neighbors watch out for each other using the BlackBox app. You can choose to share your videos with your community, safety officials, contacts, or keep your videos totally private.