BlackBox Digital Witness App v2.0 is now LIVE!

You can now use the BlackBox Digital Witness App to report suspicious activity directly to local law enforcement.  NOTE: This is not a substitute for 911. If you see something urgently important CALL 911 first.

This new version is now capable to send suspicious activity directly to participating local law enforcement agencies and state primary fusion centers.

ATTENTION LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES (National and International):  If you would like to receive alerts direct to your agency please send an agency email directly to  Our team will validate your agency contact and coordinate the subscription.  This is a free service for the first year.  You can also call our phone number listed above.

This feature was developed in coordination with The Department of Homeland Security and National Fusion Center Association.

ATTENTION CRIMINALS: Users cannot delete, edit or change recordings. All evidence is PERMANENT.

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How this powerful App works